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The Best North Wales Wedding Photographer.

The Best North Wales Wedding Photographer is of course a very subjective thing and you should understand I have to write some of this shizzle so Dr Google likes my site but whilst you are here please first and foremost have a gander at the weddings featured above.

If you love what you see and could imagine your own wedding day plans being captured in my style then that’s a great start – we should talk!

Alternative, Documentary Wedding Photographer, North Wales.

I’m a photographer who shoots weddings and bloody well enjoys the entire process with the sole aim of delivering to you my best interpretation of your wedding day in pictures.

I curate your images to tell the story as I saw and how I wish you to remember for many years to come.

Natural, Relaxed & Un-posed Reportage Wedding Photography.

I’m a photographer at your wedding. Sounds simple and I do my best not to be ‘the wedding photographer’. I will be the person working away in the background, blending in with my own natural style to get the shots that capture the essence of your day and genuine emotions of your guests.

My style has been described as relaxed, artistic, cinematic and natural and some people have been unable to describe to me what it is that they love.

I want to deliver you a beautiful set of images comprising spontaneous real moments and emotions some that you witness on the day and many others that you would not have seen. This is where the magic of reportage and documentary occurs, you get to relive your day through the perspective of my cameras as they work their way through your wedding.

I want you to completely relax on your wedding day and not have to think about where the photographer is. Change your thinking from for example doing a ‘cutting of the cake shot’ to ‘cutting the cake for the guests’ or ‘a sparkler shot’ to ‘let’s have a sparkler exit with the guests’, ‘signing the register shot’ to ‘would any of the guests like to take a photograph?’ – I’ll be there for all of this if it happens.

I do like to capture a handful of un-posed portraits of you together during the day and spend minimal time doing this. I’m a firm believer that your wedding day is not a photoshoot but a celebration of love, friendship and commitment.

Non-formal Wedding Photography.

If you’re reading this you probably already know how much you dislike formal weddings and everything that is associated with them. How many weddings have you been to recently where everyone is stood around waiting for those endless group shots before being hustled off to sit down for Wedding Breakfast? A wedding day should not be like that in my eyes.

I don’t do formal, in fact I won’t do formal. It’s simply not how I work and will not enable me to deliver your wedding story to you.

Of course, I understand the importance of a few close family group shots and I have no issue with taking these as time permits. My group shots are actually very informal too.

Wedding Photographer for Introverts.

I get you! Not everyone wants to be the centre of attention even/especially on your wedding day. I won’t be placing you outside of your comfort zone or draining your energy. If this resonates with you then please get in touch.

Chester Wedding Photographer.

The Best Documentary Wedding Photographer in Chester *waves to Dr Google* as well as the Best North Wales Wedding Photographer! Well if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else!

I live in the heart of Chester City just a 5 mins walk away from the centre. You can read a little more about me here.

Story telling Wedding Photography.

Your wedding images should tell the story of your wedding day. It’s important to me that I’m able to capture as much of your day as possible from the morning preparations right through to any eclectic dancefloor shape cutting that goes on. I won’t change you extra by the hour to complete the story.

Analogue, cinematic, 35mm film Wedding Photography.

I have a fascination with the look of 35mm film photography and use some techniques and equipment on digital cameras to achieve a slightly more analogue look that’s also different from the majority of modern clean digital images. I also combine a limited number of film frames at select weddings if this is of interest to you.

Santorini Wedding Photographer


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