PASSION GOES A LONG WAY. When passion is applied to most anything in life so it feels so good that one of my biggest passions is photography. It’s always been there even if it took me until I was 17 to realise it. The freedom to utilise this passion at weddings is truly a gift.

I’M NOT ONE TO RATTLE ON unless we are talking about the rendering nuances of a vintage lens or two so instead here’s a quick roundup of me!

1. I love great coffee & green juices but not in the same sitting.

2. Avocado, avocado, avocado. Apply some salad.

3. Dogs over cats, the bigger the better. I have both.

4. A car should have no more than 2 doors.

5. Opinions – always be respectful of others opinions.

6. Beetroot. I know, another food but I LOVE this root.

7. Craft IPA & Sour beers.

8. Air guitar will always be a valid instrument.

9. I’m a huge fan of Bitcoin and decentralized digital currency.

10. I appear to be having a renaissance for live grunge music.

I HAVE MY OWN GROWING CHILDREN and I have no doubt that whilst they grow up with very different experiences to my own they will also treasure these years in the same way as I do mine. One thing we have in common is that we can refer back to the photographs from the period evoking an extremely powerful recollection of the days gone by. My dad was an avid photographer using mainly Kodachrome slide film. That’s me with the sun bleached hair perched on the rock.

En route to Anglesey, North Wales circa 1976

KODACHROME 64. En route to Anglesey, North Wales.


Paul Marbrook

Paul Marbrook, Wedding Photographer in the North West, North Wales, South Wales, Cheshire, UK and Europe.